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Post by RonnieReebsFan on Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:51 pm

I went to the CMA Fest this past June and Reba was my favorite I had to meet. I was hanging out by the CMT booth watching Naomi Judd for a while before I went to Reba's meet & greet. I was disapointed I didn't get to meet Naomi and the girl working at the booth gave me a signing schedule to look at...I then noticed it said Melissa Peterman! I was shocked! So after Reba on Thursday, Melissa was the only person on my mind until Sunday at noon!

We got up extra early and made some huge line cuts trying to get into the Convention Center to get meet and greet passes. By the time we got to the booth, they had run out! We were determined to meet her, so my mother talked the CMT worker into getting her "hopeful line" sign out from under the booth and we started her line two hours early! Someone at random came up and handed me a ticket. I freaked when I looked and realized she'd given me a MP meet and greet!!! I still stayed in that line with my two other friends who didn't have a pass. All of a sudden you hear her line all saying "hey" and I was so tired, I turned around, saw Mel, then laid back down. Then it hit me that Melissa just walked by me!!!

Anyhoo, finally I was able to get to meet her after waiting three hours! I have been wanting to meet her since I was 11...and I am now 15. I was trying so hard not to cry...and I almost did when she hugged me. She signed my pass and I got two or three pictures with her. She made my mom's day by doing her "pop" noise from Reba. She and Reba were the highlight of the CMA Music Fest...and my summer!

She was hilarious and more than I had ever expected her to be. I can honestly say that Melissa is one of the nicest people I have ever met and what you see is what you get! I have gained so much respect for her after her treating me so well that day. She is so down to earth and one of the few celebrities that I actually respect. So thank you Melissa! Smile
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