melissa, me and church!

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melissa, me and church! Empty melissa, me and church!

Post by jay_mellie_fan1985 on Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:18 pm

ok this might sound weird or retarded but here ia m late for church and then after 15 minutes of me being there. i decided to go to the bathroom just so i can listen to the singing bee theme song i recorded o my phone. then i began to text alex about him talking to mellie and he told me god wouldn't like me ditching church. but ha they came and got me anyways. melissa is the best woman ever, but let me say reba is also but melissa all i have to do is watch her on reba and they both make me laugh and cheer me up. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy if i were to meet mellie i dont know what i would do. maybe cry or faint or something i dont know. Alex thanks for making this site i feel like i'm gonna get to know Melissa more on here!

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